me, myself, and I


I love Design, photography, Video, and create a wide range of personal & commission work.

Living in Chicago for most of my life, I've been able to partner with creatives from around the world.

The majority of my photography work is self-initiated. It is focused on capturing images of individuals, both in portraiture and in motion. I find the most interesting shoot locations in public areas like buildings, sports venues, parties, and concert halls.

My commission work primarily consists of Consulting and delivering Visual Solutions. My corporate work engages art directing, designing, and studio photography, where I create fantastical metaphors with props and styling.

I am currently a member of the Midway Documentary Team. We focus on capturing stories of people in Chicago who embody the essence of Chicago Hip Hop. As an ongoing project, we shoot interview portrait vignettes of Hip Hoppers who have crafted their element in the city for over four decades.

I also write graffiti, paint street art
, and breakdance!

[ email bertotrevino@gmail ]

[ 312.880.9068 ]

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